Rowdy Mermaid

Check out Rowdy Mermaid's new website, mirroring the national Kombucha brand's playful and colorful vibe.
Rowdy Mermaid
Rowdy Mermaid
4 Weeks



A Vibrant Collaboration for a Refreshing Brand Experience

In a dynamic collaboration, we embarked on reshaping Rowdy Mermaid's digital presence.

Balancing Colorful Vibes in Reflecting Rowdy Mermaid's Playful Brand

Bringing Rowdy Mermaid's playful brand to life presented a unique challenge — infusing the right amount of vibrancy without overwhelming the website's design.

OUR Goal

Infusing Rowdy Mermaid's Spirit into a Fun, Functional Website

Our mission was clear: to revitalize Rowdy Mermaid's online presence with a website that authentically reflected their spirit.


A Beautifully Showcased Website that Radiates Rowdy Mermaid's Flavors

The culmination of our efforts is a beautifully crafted website that serves as a vibrant canvas for Rowdy Mermaid's flavors.

Let's Elevate Together.